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  • Sexy Gown (Thursday, October 24 13 03:21 am BST)

    As well as jaguars, Chester Zoo keeps lions, tigers and cheetahs[35] in its big cat collection. The lions are the Asiatic subspecies found only in the Gir Forest in India in the wild. The zoo's
    former resident male Asoka was joined by a female, Asha, from Rome in 2006.

  • ange (Friday, August 09 13 05:57 pm BST)

    Sorry im speakin to u like u know st andrews fife haha

  • ange (Friday, August 09 13 05:53 pm BST)

    A sighting of a big black cat this week near grassy are leading up to pipeland farm in st andrews i never saw it my friends sons pals saw it they were terrified ive never seen it and i walk thro many
    a country field in around st andrews

  • lover-secret (Wednesday, July 17 13 04:19 am BST)

    As well as jaguars, Chester Zoo keeps lions, tigers and cheetahs[35] in its big cat collection. The lions are the Asiatic subspecies found only in the Gir Forest in India in the wild. The zoo's
    former resident male Asoka was joined by a female, Asha, from Rome in 2006. The pair have bred on three occasions, but so far their only offspring to survive has been a male cub, Tejas, born and
    hand-reared in 2007. His upbringing was featured prominently in the first series of Zoo Days.

  • Keith Percival (Monday, June 17 13 07:39 pm BST)

    Hello. Back in 2001 I was involved in tracking pumas for earthwatch in Idaho, one of the things I learnt over there was that pumas usualy carry their prey and stash it by the talest tree by a stream
    in the particular valley where it was killed. I looked at the footage of your investigation on the farm and noticed that the carcass's were by a tree not far from a stream. Maybe this was just a
    coincedence, but maybe not. Keith

  • Robert Donnerty (Saturday, April 06 13 12:06 am BST)

    Hello Darrell,
    Nice web site.
    What type of trial cameras are you deploying? Have you found any scat, scrapes, tree scratches, paw prints etc.

  • Jamie howard (Monday, March 25 13 11:31 am GMT)

    Do u have any information on sightings in and around leicester and have u personally had any sightings? I believe a panther could go undetected in the aylestone meadows area of leicester , as there
    is quite a large population of muntjacs which only a few people ever see so why not a single large cat? Any info on my area would be great

  • Karolina (Saturday, January 12 13 02:26 am GMT)

    Cats get into and onto just about anything, so to penrvet items from getting broken you have to either keep them out of reach, such as behind doors in a cabinet, or use a putty like Quake Hold that
    will keep the items in place. It is not all that different from when there are young children around the home, except they can get into more places.Cats are quite independent, and usually need love
    and attention, along with food, water and litter. But the larger bills are for vet care, as those are not spread out over the month. They are not high, and often just once a year is all that is
    needed, but it is usually costs up front. Typically, perhaps $100, and if you have to have the cat spayed or neutered, it will be a larger hit to your wallet.I am giving a link to an article on
    introducing a kitten into your home. There are suggestions, and a list of things to get. I ignore a bed, as they find a place, and I would get one of those inexpensive cardboard scratchers.Monthly
    care costs can usually be handled through a normal household budget. They are not large, but can vary. Some feed small cans of very expensive food, and others find a quality food that serves just as
    well at a much lower cost. And litter is not expensive. If monthly costs are a real concern, you may not be ready for a cat anyway.

  • Amos (Sunday, November 25 12 09:25 pm GMT)

    A few years whilst at work i received a phone call from my wife, saying you wont belive me if i tell you, well after a while i finaly got the story from her. It was a fairly foggy morning she had let
    our two dogs out when they both started attacking our fence at the bottom of our garden. For one of the dogs this was completly out of caracter, when my wife went down to see what was happening there
    was as she described a large black cat lying facing our garden about 20 to 25 yards away,the only thing that was moving was the end of its tail, after what was probably only a few seconds the cat
    lifted its self up and as my wife described slowly bounded away. We back on to open fields and old brickworks. It wasnt that i didnt belive her but that i wasnt the one to see it. To end her story
    the very next night in our local paper, the peterborough evening telegraph there was a story about large cats being sighted to the east and south of the city

  • Terry (Tuesday, August 28 12 09:47 am BST)

    I used to live in Minehead on the borders of Exmoor. There were many reported local sightings of a big black cat, perhaps a puma, on the moor

  • Lucy (Monday, August 27 12 01:21 pm BST)

    Thank you for creating this website. I have always been interested in big cats in the UK since seeing a large black cat in the Lincolnshire countryside as a child over 15 years ago. I always felt
    disbelieved but it is an event which has stuck with me all this time. It is great to see you taking the possibility of big cats in the UK seriously. Keep up the great work!

Please note that the potential evidence I present on this website is only a small sample of evidence I have unearthed. To respect witnesses who do not seek publicity that evidence remains out of the public domain.

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