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Hi, I'm Darrell Cook and I have been actively investigating Big Cat Sightings & Events for twenty-five years. This has been undertaken with the help of a number of individuals in Great Britain & several big cat experts and wildlife 'trackers' throughout the world. Their knowledge has afforded me many opportunities to investigate big cat sightings and in the process build a solid subject base in the field.


However, I don't claim to be an expert in any shape or form but someone who has a keen interest in the debate, who actively investigates big cat sightings and events, & who simply wishes to find out if indeed non-native big cats roam the British countryside.


The central tenant to Big Cats GB is the privacy of individuals & communities affected by big cat sightings without drawing undue & unwanted public attention. You will therefore not find the names of individuals nor locations of big cat sightings. The only identifiable information for an event publicly logged on this website will be the 'region' of Great Britain the big cat sighting /event occurred.


Please feel free to get in touch about any aspect of the non-native big cat debate and I will get back to you as soon as possible.



Darrell (Big Cats GB)

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