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Predation By Man

Predation by man of livestock is on the increase due to increased social hardship. Many more cases and instances of livestock being 'butchered' for their meat is being reported nationally. This is a trend that is happening nationwide as the recession/depression continues.


Although I have been unable to find articles in the media with images of livestock being killed for their meat it is clear by the following media reports that the police, farmers, & landowners can clearly identify that man has undertaken such actions.


The media reports that I have included below (which are just a few of many hundreds reported) clearly indicate that the livestock have been butchered for their meat. None of these reports or the others not included indicate that anyone is suggesting that the remains of the livestock carcasses should be viewed as anything out of the ordinary such as 'Big Cat' predation. Man is clearly indicated by all interested parties.

Sheep butchered at Watlington nature reserve


Five sheep have been killed, butchered and their meat stolen at an Oxfordshire nature reserve, police have revealed.

The sheep were "professionally" slaughtered and butchered and the thieves left behind the skins, feet and internal organs, officers said.

The animals had been in Aston Rowant Nature Reserve, Watlington, when they were killed sometime between 5 and 16 February.

Thames Valley Police said the operation would have taken more than two hours.

PC Jon Simpkins, from Thame police station, said: "The sheep were in a remote field on Aston Hill along the A40 at Lewknor and the offenders would have had to park a vehicle in a nearby gateway.

"To have butchered the sheep would have taken in excess of two hours and they would have had to carry about 200 kilos of meat to their vehicle.

"The job was professionally done and I believe the offenders may have previous experience of butchering animals and used professional butcher or chef knives."


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Four sheep found mutilated 'for meat' at Gressingham

Published: 4th Nov 2011 11:46:35

Four sheep have been found mutilated in woodland at Gressingham near Lancaster.

Police said the animals had most likely been killed for their meat and are warning people of the dangers of eating meat from an unknown source.

The carcasses were found by a member of the public, dumped in an area near Rabbit Lane on Tuesday.

It is believed the sheep - three male Mules and one Texel ewe - died the night before. It is not known whether the animals had been stolen.

PC Antony Marsh said: "I would ask anyone that saw anything suspicious to contact the police.

"The sheep have likely been killed for their meat and the skinning appears to have been done by someone with experience and was probably not done at the scene."

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Aston Rowant nature reserve sheep butchered


The severed heads, feet and organs of five sheep from a Watlington nature reserve were left abandoned on the side of the A40 last week.

The gruesome discovery was made by an Aston Rowant Nature Reserve volunteer, who immediately alerted the reserve manager.  The sheep, which were part of a flock grazing in a remote field on Aston Hill along the A40 Lewknor, appeared to have been professionally butchered and slaughtered for their meat, sometime between February 5 and 16.

Alistair Helliwell, team leader with Natural England, told the Oxfordshire Guardian that during his five years in the role he has never witnessed such a crime.  “The people that did this are dangerous criminals,” he said. “It was a shock. Just like any theft or burglary you think, ‘why has it happened to us?’....


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