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Scavenging by Carrion (Magpie, Buzzard & Rook)

Scavenging by carrion is a common occurrence and happens very quickly after the death of an animal; especially in the open. Magpie, Buzzard & Rook will all pick away at a carcass often in large numbers. However, it is highly unlikely that their scavenging could be mistaken for Big Cat predation although their scavenging could destroy important evidence such as bite marks and puncture wounds. Examples of Carrion scavenging on carcasses now follow:

Buzzard Scavenging
Rook & Magpie Scavenging

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Please note that the potential evidence I present on this website is only a small sample of evidence I have unearthed. To respect witnesses who do not seek publicity that evidence remains out of the public domain.

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