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Why Non-Native Big Cats May Roam The UK?

'Quick Links'; Why None-Native Big Cats May Roam the UK?

There are I believe three possible reasons for why non-native big cats may roam the British countryside and a number of other 'alternative theories' that I do not subscribe too. I have listed the theories I believe may provide reasons for these non-native cats being here as 'BCGB Quick Links' below.


The 'alternative theories' have been grouped together in the final 'Quick Link'.


Please Note: I must reiterate I do not subscribe to any of these 'alternative theories' but have included them here for your consideration.



Dangerous Animals Wildlife Act 1976:

See if this Act may have directly impacted upon the release of None-Native Big Cat's into the countryside?

Illegal Non-Native Big Cat Trafficking:

The issue is explored in this section with evidence gleaned from my own FOI Requests.

Private Collections, Zoo's & Circuses:

DEFRA's own documentation shows the frequency of Big Cat escapes from zoo's; is this the tip of the iceberg?

Alternative Theories:

I can not subscribe to any of the Alternative Theories present in this section. However, I include them for your consideration.

The Wombat Foundation

Australia is home to one of the world most endangered animals; the Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat. See what you can do to help....

Myrm's Ant Nest

A great website run by a great guy informing you of all you need to know about keeping UK ants.

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