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Key Investigation 6 (Central England)

I received these sketches when two individuals     (eminently qualified in observational reporting) were driving down a country road at 03.00 with a wood to their left when a large black animal         (length estimated in their own words as between three to four feet, height about two to two and one half feet ) walked in front of the car from right to left in the light of the main beam of the car. The cat was described as black. When they got to the point where the cat had entered the wood they stopped the car and both got out and searched the area for signs of the animal. Upon returning to their car both people undertook a drawing of what they saw; these drawings are reproduced below. It should be noted that the names  & signatures of the witnesses have been ‘smudged’ to provide confidentiality. Any other information such as date and time has been left to indicate authenticity.

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