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What I Do On An Investigation....

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In my experience there is no typical 'predation case' (although patterns of behaviors tend to be similar in possible big cat predation events). This being the case I tend to approach matters, initially (and fully dependent on your wishes), in the following way:

  • First, I will have an in-depth discussion on the phone regarding the events you are encountering.
  • Should you or I then feel that an onsite investigation is wanted/required I will arrange a time to come and speak to you in person at the event location.
  • When I meet you I will then ask you to describe the events and undertake a inspection of the area and if the carcass of the animal is still available undertake an 'amateur autopsy' of the animal. This usually entails skinning the animals neck/spine to see if there are signs of puncture wounds or a broken spine or neck.
  • Dependent upon the results of this initial meeting I usually provide advice about what to do next; this usually involves me undertaking a full investigation of the immediate surroundings, undertaking a vigil/s at the location, possibly setting up some on-site trigger cameras & offering guidance regarding protection of livestock.
  • The investigation continues after this point as you wish.


Please note that my investigations are a private matter between yourself and me and will be treated in the strictest confidence. Investigations will be tailored to what you want; not what I want. The aforementioned 'investigation template' is just to give an example of how things tend to proceed once I have met up with people.

© Darrell Cook (Big Cats GB)

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