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Evidence of Big Cat Sightings & Predation (Investigated by BCGB)....

WARNING: the 'quick links' below and the 'Detailed Reports' contain distressing images.

Key Evidence Quick Links....

Please note that 'Detailed Reports' in the Key Investigations below of possible big cat predation are only brief overviews of the events and evidence collated in these field investigations. The evidence presented does not mean that this is conclusive proof that this is predation undertaken by non-native big cats but does suggest that the predation is something other than man, dog, badger, fox & carrion.


In light of this I strongly advise that you look at Predation Comparison Images (Big Cat v Dog) & the 'Everyday' Predation & Scavenging of Livestock pages after you have looked at the 'Predation Detailed Reports' as I feel it is important for the visitor to see the clear difference in how the carcass present during investigations.


You will note the appearance of Non-Native Big Cat predation of livestock is significantly different to 'everyday' predation & scavenging by British wildlife.


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Key Investigation 1 (Wales).

Predation of Alpacas & ewe from secure enclosure with multiple large black cat sighting in the area.

Key Investigation 2 (West-Midlands).

Ongoing predation of a rural sheep farm (5+Years).

Key Investigation 3 (West-Midlands).

Three ewes killed in identical way, in same location over ten days.

Key Investigation 4 (West-Midlands).

Cyclical predation events on farm over a number of years.

Key Investigation 5 (East-Midlands).

Unique throat wounds to ewe; unresolved to date.

Key Investigation 6 (Central England)

Two eminently qualified individuals (trained in observational reporting) sketch an animal they saw in the early hours.

Key Investigation 7 (West- Midlands).

Ewe killed & dragged over 100m then eaten the other side of a five foot fence.

Key Investigations 8 & 9 (Nothern & Western England).

Sightings reported by two individuals with qualifications that would enable them to be, 'expert witnesses' in court to verify what they had seen!!

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