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A Message To Witnesses, Farmers, Landowners & the General Public....

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First, I need to say thank you to all witnesses who get in touch with Big Cats GB as without your involvement my hobby would not be possible.


It is important for all witnesses of possible non-native big cat sightings & events to understand that I take all of your reports seriously. What is also of vital importance is that what you tell me stays in the strictest confidence. It will not be banded about by myself in private, in the newspapers, on the web or in any other way. I have no links to the police, DEFRA or any other governmental agency.  I work totally independently.


I also think it is important for witnesses to note that any Key Investigations presented on this website are on it with the express permission of the witnesses who have checked the information I wish to present before it goes on the website. I have many more cases I could pace on the website but if the witness wishes the information not to be place in the public domain; it remains private.


Please feel free to contact me should you have a non-native big cat sighting or event and I will help out in any way I can.

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